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Quickie.. [September 11th|9.06pm]
Hello.. I am updating.. Finally, because it has been months. I will be adding some more entries in the near future..

Much ♥
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Wicked Review and.. General =) [May 18th|3.58pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

My personal review of Wicked in Boston 4/11

Julia Murney As Elphaba
Kendra Kassebaum As Galinda/Glinda

I must admit that I was extremely excited to see Wicked a second time in Boston.. As well as a little nervous that it wouldn't be as good as broadway. When we arrived in the Opera House, it was packed. Loads and loads of people were squeezing through the doorways, and several others were raising their hands yelling "One ticket, looking for one ticket!" Once we found our seats in the Orchestra, we managed to get comfortable before the start of No One Mourns The Wicked. As they started, I was noticing how well the broadway choreography was adjusted to the stage of the Opera House. When Glinda came down on the bubbler, her voice was crisp and right on key, and her dress was super sparkly. Though on her way down, her mic started to make funny crackling noises, but Kendra played it off by coughing a bit and fanning herself. And the audience didn't even seem to notice. Everyone was laughing and clapping through the entire show! Our tickets were awesome, and Julia sang Defying Gravity PERFECTLY! It couldn't have been a better experience!

Yes.. Wicked.. WICKED!! I am a big fan y'all know that. I finished school.. So now I am just coming back to my old friendly livejournal for everyone (no one) to read. But my day was actually very enjoyable so far. I bought Burnt Toast, Teri Hatcher's new book. I am really excited to read it because I am a huge fan of hers. I did a lot of homework during my Mom's Bible Study today. That was nice because it's fun to get out of the house and be able to breathe. Unlike the Charter School where you feel like you are choking on your own thick blood the whole day. I may actually go back there today... I know I hate it sooo much, but it's International Night.. And my french teacher really wants me to be there and I would like to be there to say hi to her and stuff. Plus they will have really good french food. =) Tommorrow is the all nighter for Jr. High. I think I am going to go because I would like to do something with the Youth Group. And I really have nothing else to do on friday nights, so that will be fun. But I may have to sleep a bit because I am going to the Kiss Concert on saturday. I am very excited for it. Long, fun, exciting.... Yeah... I hope my Dad survives cause I really don't want to carry his corpse all the way from Boston to Ashland and be the one to break the bad news to my Mom who would probobly blame me. But chances are, he will just need a lot of classical music to heal his Kiss 108 sickness. Maybe I should just go with Dave.. But I think Dave has better things to do with his Saturdays. Hey!! I got to see my future High school.. It's really big and it has a ginormous theatre for plays and stuff. I would love to be in a Play/Musical there. Loads of seats, comfortable too. Very nice.. Well.. Books are calling... Much much love!

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Oh my god... [February 18th|3.24am]
Alrighty, how are you? That's my main question. Cause sometimes I get so sick of people asking how I am, I just want to say I am miserable, and you?? Obviously I don't say that because I see it as selfish.. But maybe under specific circumstances..

Alright here's the dillio. I am going to see Les Miz next thursday. I am really excited about that. We are seeing in in the opera house in Boston. I might go by and visit the Louis Vuitton store in Boston as well. I have never been there. I would really like to check it out. I am just going to see it with my Dad. It's supposed to be a great show. I am thrilled we got such great tickets! We are in the left orchestra seats, row E or something like that. They also sell really cool shirts on the tour, so I might get one of those. But I am not even really sure what Les Miz is about. Miserable children?? I kind of hope not, but even if it is about miserable orphans with no parents.. I'll just deal. I will enjoy the show either way. With or without miserable children singing songs about how their parents abuse them every single day of their lives. Yeah, so I am really really excited to be seeing Les Miz on thursday as it is one of the last Boston shows now. Great seats, great night and even greater vacation.

Not having school for a week is like going to heaven and going back down to earth again. I feel so happy when I am free, when I am not being told what to do by grumpy teachers. The last two periods took forever to come yesterday. I was so dissapointed. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and my palms were sweating. I had to go to the office today. Not because I really did anything seriously wrong, but kids were sexually harassing me, it was a big pain. I was only there for about and hour and forty-five minutes.. But to be honest it felt like I was in there for five hours. We had to keep going back and forth to talk about what the kids had said to me in the past year. It was extremely embarrassing, and it made me feel very uneasy inside, but I am still alive right now. I let some stuff out that I don't usually tell anyone today.. It was really weird, now that I am older I talk about more and more serious topics every day. I don't really know why but it seems like life is floating away from me. Especially when I am in school. Julia said something really cool today.. It mad me think, really really really really hard. I haven't forgotten about it at all. It keeps hacking me in the brain. She's really smart, not to mention cool. Towards the end of french class today and that was the last period Squee!! I picked up Emad's red Larrousse dictionary, and said maybe if I keep it I'll get smart. Julia then said someting like why are you diminishing yourself.. That sat for a long time in my head, so long that it seemed like a year before she said that everyone has different skills and that she thought I was really good at art. I was soo happy, I think i turned red. I was so thrilled that I got a REAL compliment at school. I honestly felt like I was going to faint. And I think her pointing that out really helped me out through the day. I have put my problems right up front. So I can become the person that I am supposed to be, and the person that God wants me to be. Simply God doesn't want to work through me in academics, maybe in the school enviroment. But could God be asking me to show him through what I love to do........ Shoe designing????? Acting????? Prop or movie directing???? Maybe in a really weird sort of way yeah, well I have to think now cause I am really begoggled by this, ttyl!
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Sooo Early, and late at the same time. [October 12th|3.19am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hello.. I am tired. I have so much homework piled up on my ass and I haven't finished yet. It's 3:19 my time, and I am totally sick of it. Wow, it's been a while. Like months!

I had dance today. I got lost in the old dusty hallways of The Danforth Museum Of Art in framingham. It is really creepy up there. Me & Sam went into the courtyard, which is always deserted. School is boring and the teachers are ok.. I am alive still right? I can't bring my iPod to school, I'm afraid it will get stolen. Which totally sucks! Oh my god.. I am so tired please put me to sleep!! g2g

Love ya!

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Yay Wednesday! [July 6th|9.42am]
[ mood | ok, and happy ]

Hey everyone! It's wednesday. So it doesn't suck. Yeah, hmm.. I haven't written an entry in around two weeks. But I am back, yay! Whatsup with everyone? I just replaced my iPod yesterday because it was going crazy. I was playing rich girl and it just like stopped. I just got my cell phone a while ago. 5086545234 You can call me. =) I am really bored today, but I guess I'll go to youth group, lol. Byes!

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Prepping up!! [June 23rd|10.35am]
[ mood | BoUnCy ]

Hey everyone, sorry it's been so long! I just got up a while ago. I like the title of this because of all the getting ready for the Graduation Party! I am really excited. We are going to have pizza and colcuts and sandwiches! It is going to be really good! We are going to have a lot of people staying over at our house. I really like company!!

We went to BJ's yesterday! I got the grudge on UMD for only $13.40! That's a great price for such an incredible movie!! We also got loads of food! We got like ten cans of pringles! It's so cool! I am listening to Aslyn right now, she rocks!! I just made a new lj layout! I LOVE UMA THURMAN SO MUCH!! She is sooc cool!! And she is pretty, and she can stand up for herself. Yeah, I am dancing like crazy now lol. Well, I am going to go... But I will ttyl!!! BYE!!

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Finally [June 15th|1.04pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Finally I can just do something I can enjoy for a few minutes. I just spent almost four hours working on school. I am supposed to be off of school. But I still have some. I just updated my lj's layout and icon AGAIN!! I update it way to much. I just like switching it all around. But whatever. It isn't hurting anyone. I don't think I can go to youth group today because of the dance show. I am going to one tonight, it should be very cool. I think I am going to comment on some ppl's LJ's lol. Ttyl everyone!

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Tuesday is here! [June 14th|12.14pm]
[ mood | Excited! ]

Ok at least it's not monday!! I want to get the Grudge and Hitch on UMD today. But I am not sure if I am going to the store today. I'll just have to see. So I am calling Walmart right now. I am listening to the voices in the background. I just asked if they had those UMDs. He is checking now. They just had the Grudge. I might go there. But let me check Circuit City first. Hmm... I hear more noises. Yup, they have the Grudge too. Well, I am going to go to Walmart I think. (cheaper) Well, ttyl everyone!! Bye!!

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Monday again.. [June 13th|11.26am]
[ mood | Sick ]

Argg, it's monday again. Oh well. Friday will come soon. Let's see... I feel like crap cause I keep throwing up. I don't know why, but all of a sudden I felt really sicky like. And then I just threw up a couple of times. It didn't feel good, but I was glad to get it out of my system.

This weekend it was Nate's B-day YAY! And a homeschool party. And then on sunday there was Mrs. Borland's 50th!! It was all really fun. I also got two UMD movies. I got Hellboy and House Of Flying Daggers. I haven't finished House Of Flying Daggers yet. But I've seen it before.

I have to go to the couch cause I still don't feel good. But I hope I'll feel better soon. So I guess I'll talk to everyone soon then. Ok, cya!!

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Grrr. [June 10th|2.26pm]
[ mood | Bored in an odd way ]

All I can say right now is fuck. Cause I have to get a back brace. I can't believe it. It's such a pain in the ass. The doctor was like, yes, he has to get a back brace. It may be kind of painful. And most people with his problem don't sleep for the first five weeks or so. I was like WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!! But I got over it. I have to get it fitted next week. Ahh, I can't sleep with a chunk of metal on my back!

I have to do something tonight. If you want to do something Call me. I am bored, and I'm open for almost anything at this point. I am bored, but I think I may go and do something later. Maybe see a movie. Yeah, so Talk to you guys later. Have fun!!!

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Monday night songs [June 6th|9.46pm]
[ mood | Chipper ]

Hello again everyone. It is monday night now. The Hottlemans just left our house. I like it when they are here. Well, let's see. What's happening. Dan is talking to Teresa, and Dave is finishing up the last of his homework. My Dad is eating cereal and reading the newspaper, while my Mom is in bed sleeping. I am just posting here right before I go to bed so I can sleep a very long time. (I haven't been sleeping so well) So I hoper that gets better.

Today there was the very last Spanish Class. That was fun, there was lots of food, and we played various games. It wasn't like riding a roller coaster, but it was pretty fun. I was on here a lot of the time. And then we played BS and some other game Rachel showed us called Mow. I am not sure really what we were supposed to do. But I think that is part of the game.

Well, in the meantime, I beat Lumines. I finally did it. It was completely exciting. I finally reached the end! I unlocked every skin, and I beat every level, and it was just really cool! I have lots of characters to use now, and even more skins to choose from. Lumines is GREAT! If you buy a PSP, that game should come home with it. Or come in the same package, (if you order it off amazon.com) =D I need to sleep now, because my eyes feel like they are melting.. So I guess I will update tommorrow if I have time. I hope to see you all soon. Have a good night and sleep tight.

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euuugghhh [June 5th|7.08pm]
[ mood | Depressed ]

Hey everyone. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update my livejournal. I am not doing very weill. But I hope to be doing better soon. I got together with Nate and Ryden today. That was really fun. We saw Madagascar. It was ok.. But I think Star Wars was muuch better. =) I am in be right now. It my depressed mode and all. I don't dread monday coming closer, it's just all depressing now. I think I am going to go to sleep soon. My Dad got all mad at me because he thought I opened up the seltzers and left them open. It was kind of frusterating. Because I didn't, but you know how parents are.

There is going to be the Spanish Party tommorrow at 3pm I think. I will be hanging around for that. And then I will be doing nothing the rest of the week really. Except maybe a saxaphone lesson. I can't believe how bored I am. I need to talk to some Joseph peoples. Or do something fun. This is fun. Just not really fun. Oh, last night I went to Alex's graduation party, but was forced to leave early because of parents. It was really cool. I waited for my parents to come get me at youth group today, because I was dropped off there for them to pick me up... And, that was my beautiful and all so exciting weekend.

Bye, <33

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The Last Day [June 3rd|10.12pm]
[ mood | crazy! ]

It's the last Awana day already. No what am I going to do on friday nights! You must invite me over so we can watch movies. Whoever "you" are. But then again, sitting home, making long livejournal entries, that's not so bad either. Though I prefer something more entertaining and active. Six Flags anyone?

It isn't so sad to see Awana leave. In fact it's kind of happy. But what goes up must come down. So it will just drop back down in September and hit me in the face while I am still enjoying the summer. I hope it won't happen with that much emotion, but who knows...

The world is getting taken over by those small fucked up little blood-sucking things called mosquitos. Yeah, they really piss me off. Why aren't the birds eating them this year? I got arount ten bites just tonight at the Awana barbaque. They just go on your skin and inject those diseases that I think come from india, or someplace arount there. But I am not sure what the disease is, so I just might get it, die, and then not know why I died in heaven. Hey, maybe jesus will give me pain-free lipo in heaven. Or not.

Well, I have to go, cause Cowboy Bebop is on. And I am MISSING IT!! So It will ttyl!! Bye!

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Soft Sway [June 2nd|11.44am]
[ mood | Swingy ]

Good day Thursday, how are you? I am doing well thanks. Yeah, so I just got back from the YMCA and the Ear doctor. We went to Dunkin' Donuts to get an iced latte which was really good. I got vanilla, and Dan got Chocolate. I almost got the third sisterhood of the traveling pants today. But my Dad said it was to expensive, or girly, I couldn't tell. Thinking of that, the movie opens today. I must see that this weekend.

Well, school is around still. I must say goodbye!

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Six Flags Trip in May [May 31st|1.14pm]
[ mood | A Little Glum ]

Hey everyone. I am reporting here because I went to Six Flags yesterday. It was really really fun. We got to ride everything we wanted to. I went with The Borlands and we all purchased our official 2005 season passes. That was good!! We had to wait in a line to get our picture taken, but it's worth it. We first rode Supreman: Ride Of Steel. I was a little nervous the first time, but I wasn't so nervous the other two times I rode it. Sometimes I think I am going to fall out. Lol.

We then rode Twister. It was a really fun ride, but the new circuit made us go flipping upsidown around six times. So it was a little painful, but it was fun. Then we rode Blizzard River. That was cool. But we all got really wet. So we dried it off with Time Warp. The Lady operating the ride said that the more noise we made the faster she would make it go. So we yelled and screamed and we went extra fast. That was cool. And then we got to rid Mr. Six's Pandemonium!! It was so fun! We went in the single riders line, so most of us had to sit with families. But we had a great spin. We rode it three times!! It really spins you in every direction. And it goes moderately fast, which is fun because you get to spin faster the faster you are going.

Well, somewhere in there we rode Batman. I forgot how fun this ride is. It's really short, but it is really fun. You go down that hill quite fast. And it gives you a nice weightless feeling that a lot of coasters don't. It felt like I was floating when I went over a hill or a corkscrew. There aren't enough settings on the over-bars. So you get a nice floaty feeling when you go over that first drop. Ohh, we rode Chaos. I just love that ride. It's really fun. I think they might be getting rid of it. But I hope not soon. Yeah, so it was all good. Oh, then we rode SCREAM! I screamed, and Dave screamed even louder. It wasn't really scary. Just really high up. I rode that with Nate and Dave.

Then we rode pandemonium again. It was really fun the third time. Oh, then I went with Dave and asked if we could do single riders on Batman. I gave the lady a sad-puppy face as I walked away, and then she said "WAIT!" here's an empty seat, "hop in." So I did it. But I felt bad leaving Dave to leave the exit with no success. but then we rode Superman together. And once again with the Borlands. Both of those times were great!! After that, we went back to the patio by SCREAM! and The Wave Swinger. After I rode the swings we left. But I had a really good Time at Six Flags New England Yesterday!! And I am already looking forward to the July trip with the Jr. High Youth Group!!

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Six Flags YAY! [May 30th|7.50am]
[ mood | EXCITED!! ]


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Time to express my true feelings. [May 29th|6.03pm]
[ mood | Sad and Lonely ]

Ok, now I am going to splatter my opinions and open thoughts all over my livejournal. so HANG ON!! Cause I bearly am...

We went to church today. It was just regular. I am so sick of life. OH MY GOD~! Six Flags isn't even lighting up right now!! That means something is wrong.. I don't know what, but help!

I went onto my old screenname cupcake, y'know! So I am looking for Rachel Izzo's S/n and I CAN'T FIND IT!! And I Imed all of my joseph friends. They don't remember me, none of them. They don't believe me. So I got blocked by some of my best friends. How will I see them ever again??!!!??

I can just remember the last time I saw all of them. We were racing in oversized clothes in a race Rachel came up with for the Cast party for Joseph. We had loads of ice cream and we finally had a war with it. But now everything from that has been lost.

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Sunday is good today! [May 29th|4.21pm]
[ mood | EXCITED! ]

Yay, I just got some new Steve Madden sandals. And that was after church. Then it rained like crazy. It was fun though. YAY!! SIX FLAGS tommorrow!! I am sooo excited!!

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Star Ice Cream! [May 28th|11.09pm]
[ mood | Excited ]

Yay, we got to see Star Wars, and Have Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry's. It was really fun!! Anyone agree?? Yeah, I think Yoda is so cool. He just bounces off the walls like a frog and he uses all that weird phrasing. Well, I have to sleep cause I am soo tired now. But ttyl! Bye!

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Yay It's Saturday! [May 28th|11.37am]
[ mood | BoReD ]

Right now I am having breakfast in front of my livejournal. Sounds lovely eh? Yeah, Honey Nut Cheerios. I made a new icon of Hayden Christensen just a few minutes ago. Just because I am seeing his movie STAR WARS III tonight!!! SOO EXCITING. And then maybe SIXXX FLAGGSSS!!!! OMG that's so hot! I am so bored right now. My Dad is at the Nursrey (like the flower kind) and my Mom is dropping Dave off at work. That's hot. So I'll be back later but I need to suck up my boredness right now...

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